Redeeming Credits Online

  1. Add your credited items to your cart as usual
  2. Select “Checkout
  3. IMPORTANT: Do NOT use “Express Checkout” options. Enter your email below.
    1. If you’ve made an account with us via Shop, you will not need to enter your billing info manually
  4. Enter your payment information manually
  5. Select “Add Discount or Gift Card” and enter your code. Select “Apply
  6. Select “Pay Now
Via Delivery App (Uber/Postmates or Delivery Dudes)
  1. Order your non-credit items per usual
  2. In your Cart there will be a section to add order notes to the order in general
    1. Please mention your name, phone # and items that are meant to be credited to add on to the order
  3. Confirm payment
Via Delivery App (DoorDash/Caviar)
Please call us at (954) 227-1123 after you’ve placed your order so that we can accommodate your request