Order 3rd-Party Delivery

 Can’t make it to the store? No worries! We offer delivery via our partners. Choose your preferred app and see if you’re within range. 

UberEats Postmates via Uber 

  • Our partners may not have our full extensive menu/options
  • These channels close 30 minutes early prior to our real closing time in order to ensure your order is picked up by your courier in a timely manner
  • We may at our discretion temporarily pause taking delivery orders if our wait time exceeds 1 hour
  • There will be a slight upcharge to all our offerings to cover delivery costs and convenience fees
  • Drinks will either be delivered by your courier either in hand, in a carrier or a separate bag. We do NOT pre-pack drinks in your order bag/box. Your courier will be notified which drinks to get from our fridge once they arrive
  • If you receive an order that is missing an item and you wish to get a refund, you will need to do so thru the respective app channel you placed from or by contacting that company’s support center, regardless of driver or restaurant fault.