Allergy Information

At AIK, we understand that some customers may have unfortunate allergies/sensitivities to certain food ingredients, which is why we’ve made sure to label every dish or side that may contain a well known allergen in its product description on our online menu and included this info page so that you are aware of what we carry. Food Safety is a TOP PRIORITY at our restaurant and we take our commitment to keeping you safe to heart. Please keep a few things in mind…

  • ALWAYS thoroughly check item descriptions for any potential signs of concern. If you are still unsure feel free to call us at 1-954-227-1123 for immediate assistance.
  • We are usually very flexible with most allergy concerns.
  • You are responsible for making it well known that there is an allergy concern that we need to be aware of.
  • If you’re Hyper-allergic to any ingredient that we do carry, we strongly recommend against ordering with us. As there is always a very small chance of or near cross-contamination between ingredients. As stated, your safety is a top priority above money. If you still wish to place an order with us regardless, please understand that you assume the risks involved on your own and to relinquish and absolve us for any legal liability.

We do not carry peanuts in our store. We use grounded cashew powder and golden raisins. These are kept above our cook line.

We use Milk, Cream and butter in our store. For items that are Non-dairy, refer to our Vegan on Non-Veg Dairy Free menu sections.

We carry Fish & Shrimp only in our store. We keep these items separated from our other items in the cook line.

GLUTEN (Bread)
We carry bread products in our store. Most dishes are gluten friendly. Feel free to call us to check.

Generally we use Vegetable oil for our items. However this can vary. Feel free to call us to check.

SPICES (Cinnamon, Garam, etc.)
Our ENTIRE menu consists of spices in one way or another. We generally will not accept orders where spices are the main allergy concern.

We do not carry eggs in our store.

We generally use cilantro on EVERY dish as a GARNISH topping, but never as a main ingredient.