Updates to our website

Hello friends! 
We’re currently in the midst of updating our website to iron out some bugs, streamline our store and just update some information that needs to be corrected.

As of 9/14, we updated the following:

  1. Updated our Hours of Operation tab.
  2. Added “Average Wait Times” to the sidebar to give you a good sense of the potential wait before your order.
  3. Added “Order 3rd Party Delivery” to the sidebar with links to our delivery partners.
  4. Updated our Refund Policy to better reflect our procedures with appropriate links.
  5. Added all legal policies to the sidebar and footer to be easily accessible to everyone at any time.
  6. Cleaned up our Home Page of redundancies and broken htmls that were causing slowdown.
  7. Added our entire Menu collection to the “Order Online Now” page.
  8. Added a footer link for our Boca Raton location.
  9. Added a “Return to Home Page” button in the sidebar & footer in case you get lost! 😅
  10. Added “Join our Team” contact page. We can always use an extra hand!
  11. Added “Blogs” to the Home Page (what you’re looking at right now!)

UPDATE 9/23:

  1. Added “Allergy Information” to the footer/sidebar.
  2. Added “Lunch Menu” to the sidebar.
    1. Proper Lunch menu ordering currently in the works.
    2. Addition to the main page TBD.
  3. Fixed a bug causing the sidebar to glitch sometimes.
  4. Added clickable phone numbers!

We are still revamping the site as of now. Including working out some problems with how the site itself functions, which will take some time to kink out. We ask for your patience and understanding in the meantime.

Thank you for reading!

Kind Regards ~ Arun Sareen & Staff